:Join those who were amazed


The show you are about to enjoy is going to be different from anything you have ever experienced in the area of the mentalists arts.
With his virtuosic abilities, his unique character, his wits and great charisma, Aviv will leave you stunned, surprised and craving for more, wishing it will never end. Aviv’s abilities of reading and influencing thoughts are of the highest these days. With his unique humor and accurate customer-suited show, you will enjoy his abilities for a business or any other event.

Get ready for the best show in your event.


Aviv is considered the youngest and most promising mentalist, who has left dozens of artists amazed. Artists like Omer Adam, Neta Elchamister, Nathan Goshen, Eden Chason and many more. Aviv is capable of reading the minds of the greatest music producers in the world:
Martin Garrix - The international DJ and 1st place winner of the world’s DJ’s years 2016, 2017, 2018 (MAG Magazine)
The Chainsmokers- World’s highest earning music producers (Forbes magazine)

Other that artists left shocked and stunned with his abilities, Aviv participated in so many TV shows on different channels, that makes him the mentalist who has the highest TV guest appearances.
A new show he created and stars in is named “The Mentalist” and it hosts many artists such as: Or Shpitz, Liel Eli, Karakukly, Roee Sendler and more.
The TV Series is presented on HOT, YES, PATNER and CELLCOM TV.


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