:Join those who were amazed


Get ready for an unforgettable experience. His virtuosic abilities, unique character, wits and great charisma, will leave you stunned and surprised.

Aviv uses mind influencing techniques such as nonverbal communication and extra sensory perception in order to make the best event for you.

With his unique show and accurate customer-suited show, you will be blown away.


Aviv performs at the most prestigious conferences in Israel and around the world.

He amazed the biggest businessmen in the world such as Miriam Adelson, Uri Levin (founder of waze), Adan Neumann (founder of wework), and up to global celebrities such as Martin Garrix and The Chainsmokers.

Aviv has been invited to perform at the biggest international events and recently performed at the annual Israeli American conference in front of Israeli Americans from all over the United States.

Today, Aviv stars in the most leading programs in Israel and demonstrates his abilities on politicians and senior officials in the Israeli economy.


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